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Nevaeh Rae

Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School (Graduate of 2021)

Boshoo my name is Jurriah Kakepetum, Nehgowzaggahheegun neeng ni
doongee(I am from Sandy Lake.) I enjoy being an outstanding person
especially uplifting a person such as their self esteem, courage, and
well being. It makes the person feel loved and thought about and that
habit helps them turn things around for themselves. I also like to be an
outstanding person and help out with things that are needed, it’s a
good feeling once you change ideas into great successes. The hobbies
I like to do on my free time are baking playing sports, painting. When I
do bake I research ideas and different recipes that are affordable with
my budget. And the sports I enjoy are hockey, broomball, track and
field, soccer and basketball. I do enjoy any kind of sport but these are
my favourite to participate in. I paint when I am alone and when I feel
sad, I think of an idea and put into a canvas. I didn’t know that I knew
how to paint at a decent paste, but I found out that many of my family
members are painters themselves. It really makes me feel at peace
when I enjoy my alone time. I am very interested in child care. I’d like to
help children. learn in different varieties, also to do learning strategies
in a fun manner. I am confident that it is my responsibility to take care
of children who are under my care.

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