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Kyle Peter Morriseau was raised in the small community of Keewaywin First Nation. He was born February 12, 1992, to Christian and Lorene Morriseau, and was followed shortly after by his younger brother, Josh. Kyle had a deep love for his community and family, who remember him for his kind heart and generous spirit. From a young age, he enjoyed sharing what he had with those around him; at times, even the new shirt off his back. He was also known to share his breakdancing with his peers, making his public debut at the community Christmas show. He was an outgoing young man who brought joy to those around him.

Kyle was particularly gifted in painting. Coming from a family of artists, he was surrounded by the works of his Grandfather and Father. Kyle was the grandson of world-renowned artist, Norval Morriseau, who invented the style of painting known as Woodland. Norval’s son, Christian Morriseau, carries on his father’s legacy and is an artist in his own right. Shortly after the death of his father, Christian taught Kyle to paint. It was clear that Kyle had inherited the family gift; and it was not long before his paintings hung alongside his father’s at art exhibitions. Kyle dreamed of finishing his education and becoming an artist, like his Father and Grandfather. He also wished to return home to be a hunter.

Kyle is remembered with love by his family, friends, and his home community of Keewaywin First Nation. The art used for the Seventh Generation Memorial Scholarship was created by Kyle’s Father, in his memory.

Kyle was determined to make a difference in the world.