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Ian G. Kakekaspan

Sioux North High School (Graduate of 2020)

Ian is an exceptionally great student, yes, he may have had his ups and downs; however, that is all part of being a teenager. Ian has dreams of becoming a pilot, flying his own plane, and servicing his home community of Fort Severn, Ontario.

He did well in all of his courses, he is a popular student not with only his peers and fellow classmates, but also with the teaching staff. With this being said, he is a very extroverted and outgoing student who gets along with everyone and is not shy about anything. He participated in many activities that KOBE hosted, such as bowling nights, birthday parties, fishing or hunting. He especially loves his court sports, and always joined the badminton, volleyball, and basketball teams at Sioux North High School. His love for running also inspired him to join the track team and compete in several events with the school. When Ian is in his home community of Fort Seven, he loves hunting for geese and caribou, which helps him to provide for his family.

Ian’s parents are also very supportive of his educational goals; they assisted KOBE with anything that they could help with, whether it was for his well-being or just getting him to catch up on school work.

Ian has plans to attend a post-secondary school for aviation, but has been unable due to COVID-19. He still plans on going once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and everything is back to normal. He has narrowed down his future choices to North Bay or Toronto area- as these locations have some of the best Aviation programs.

Ian deserves this award, as it will assist him with his future plans of continuing his education and it will give him the motivation to keep on going.

Congratulations to all of our recipients!