Joey Quequish

Joey Quequish

Pelican Falls First Nations High School (Graduate of 2021)

Joanna Quequish who goes by Joey, is a band member of Weagamow Lake First Nation who first began attending Pelican Falls in August of 2017. Joey immediately immersed into the school environment by running for Chief of the Student Council and joining multiple clubs such as the Cultural and Art club. Joey’s humility towards others is unmatched as Joey will go out of the way to help anyone. Joey even turned down a house trip to the States to stay and volunteer her time to help in the kitchen during the school’s annual POW WOW and also help make regalia for other students to dance in.

Joey’s humility reached far beyond the school and deep within the community as Joey had over 250 community involvement hours. Those are what were submitted and I am sure there are countless more that were not recorded.

Joey has a love for the Arts. Whether it is painting beautiful pictures, designing backdrops for events or running spa nights in the school for students, Joey’s talents would always be on display. Joey also found a passion for the digital Arts. From the taking and touch ups for grad photos to designing and building the schools yearbook, photography is just another natural artistic ability that Joey possesses.

Finally, Joey’s true passion and love is evident while in the Kitchen. The fresh baking Joey would make for students and staff almost daily, was a delicious treat for everyone. There was not a day that would go by that you would not find Joey in the kitchen either preparing lunches for the entire school, prepping snacks for after school activities (Joanna was also a student worker and then a student worker supervisor) or baking for her peers and sometimes, taking orders from staff. The artistic ability that is shown through the baking and meals that Joey creates combined with the taste, makes for a five star meal. Just ask professional chef David Wolfman as he had nothing but praises for Joey who captained Pelican to a win in a cooking contest.

Good luck to Joey on the career path chosen. The goal is to attend Niagras College in their culinary management program and hopefully one day be cooking for everyone!

Congratulations to all of our recipients!