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Daisy Christina McKay

Pelican Falls First Nations High School (Graduate of 2020)

Daisy Christina McKay is a band member of Sachigo Lake First Nation. She is a 2020 graduate of Pelican Falls First Nations High School. Daisy is a goal-oriented student who strongly represents the 7 Grandfather Teachings. Her ability to put others first and the respect and maturity she displays are just a few of the qualities that will help Daisy achieve her dreams.

Currently, Daisy is in the General Arts and Sciences program at Confederation College with hope to further her studies in the field of Psychology. Unsure of the direction within psychology she will go, Daisy understands the need for mental health professionals, especially in the far North. One-day Daisy would like to contribute her skills and knowledge to help those in crisis.

When Daisy is not volunteering her time to help others, whether in school or her community, she enjoys the soothing relief that the Arts provide her. Playing piano or guitar are perhaps her favourites, but Daisy does not shy away from picking up a paintbrush and expressing her feelings on a canvas.

There is not an individual who is more deserving of or a greater representation for, the Seventh Generation Scholarship Memorial Fund than Daisy Christina McKay. The staff who got to enjoy her wit and graciousness at Pelican Falls wish her all the best and a huge congratulations for receiving this award. Way to go, you deserve it!

Congratulations to all of our recipients!