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Cornell Power Meekis

Cornell Power Meekis

Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School (Graduate of 2020)

My name is Cornell Power Meekis. I am from Keewaywin First Nation, an Oji-cree speaking community. I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and am currently 19 years old with two identical daughters named Kennedy Meekis and Jovonni Meekis. They are both five months old and Kennedy is two minutes older than her sister Jovonni. I enjoy writing, playing hockey, piano, guitar and volleyball as well as spending time with my daughters. Hearing my babies talk or scream makes me ecstatic.

Last month, I started working in my community’s elementary school as a Tutor Escort. I am tasked with assisting a grade 7 student with learning challenges, helping with his school work. Our school has planned this academic year to send homework to those students who don’t wish to attend the school physically due to Covid situation. I drop off homework packages throughout my home community as well as keep track of the students who complete their work and who do not complete on time and report to the respective teachers. I enjoy working at the school as I reminisce from when I was a young boy and encourage my community students to pursue higher education to help their community ultimately after they complete their education.

Post Secondary

I will be taking the College Access program at Oshki Wenjack to further develop my workplace skills such as writing, mathematics, communication, Microsoft Word, Excel and presentation. With these skills, I will develop workplace skills after completion of the program. I’ll take Aboriginal Community Advocacy or Aboriginal Canadian Relations where I can be useful to my community development. Hopefully in a few years from now, I plan to attend the Bora Laskin Faculty of Law in Thunder Bay and make law as my career.

I am empathetic and I follow ethics that I’ve set for myself. These divine ethics that I follow are commitment, honesty, flexibility and professionalism. All these ethics and values are instilled in me by my grandparents, elders and parents which will guide me to do my best in the workplace or school and will help me succeed in life.

Finally, I would like to conclude that by the above reasons, I would like to request you to grant me a scholarship and nominate me for the Seventh Generation award for which I am grateful.

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